Frequently Asked Questions About Membership
  1. What types of Memberships are offered?
  • Junior – they must be admitted prior to their 40th birthday. This entitles full use of the Club amenities and they pay 75% of the Regular Member Dues.
  • Regular – anyone over the age of 21.  This entitles full use of the Club amenities.
  • SSB – they must be 65 years of age or older. This entitles full use of the Club amenities except for the Tennis Facility.  They pay a lesser Initiation Fee and Dues.
These memberships are family memberships to include spouse and children under 25 who reside at home.
  1.  What is the process to become a member?
  • Since we are a private Club, you have to be sponsored by 3 members.
  • The membership package is available from the Club office for the Primary Sponsor to submit to the Invitee.
  • Once the Invitee’s form is complete and returned to the Club office, it will be submitted to the Membership Committee for review and then posted for 30 days.
  • The Invitee and their Primary Sponsor are invited to a Cocktail Party/Luncheon to meet the Board and Membership Committee.
  1.  What are the fees for joining?
  • There is a one-time Initiation Fee, an on-going annual Dues Fee and Capital Expenditure Fee.  Please contact our Membership Director for current pricing and schedules.
  1.  May we bring guests to the Club?
  • The Club’s policy states that all guests of a member must be accompanied by such member or by such dependent while using the Club facilities.
  1.  Are there any other Club reciprocals?
  • At this time the Club does not offer any other Club reciprocals.

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