Our Story

The Club was informally established in 1952 by several Winter Park and Maitland couples. During this formative period, the future members held several dances at various public facilities in the area, and many meetings took place the need for and location of a facility.

The Winter Park Racquet Club was formed as a social and athletic club under a corporate charter filed with the State of Florida on February 9th, 1953.

In its 68 years, the purposes indicated in its early charter still endure: “…the bringing together of those interested in healthful and social pastimes…the development and advancement of all legitimate athletic sports and social activities…and the establishment and maintenance of suitable and convenient places of resort…for the members, their families, and their guests”.

The first official Clubhouse was located on the north shore of Lake Maitland where a residence now stands on Trotters Drive. The inaugural function in this Club facility was a 4th of July Picnic in 1953 where fireworks were set off on the boat dock to end the evening’s events. This fireworks display has continued as one of the Club’s long standing traditions.

In October 1953, the Club acquired the Casselberry family home on our present site. The present living room was added as a ballroom and was under construction during the first New Year’s Eve dance on December 31, 1953. In 1966, the tennis court property was purchased to further expand the Club. Multiple properties surrounding the Club were purchased throughout the years to form the WPRC we have today.